Nov 26

Unblock your Responses with “CUBEFIELD UNBLOCKED”

Cubefield Unblocked is a game developed by Yo Arcade one of the best amongst other developers.The game basically based on the reaction timing of the player one need to be very fast in thinking as well as reacting at the same time. If you think that you are the one having such capabilities then come on play this is the coolest and most entertaining game. The game is never-ending you just have to score more to beat the top players in the league. You can also invite over your friends and show them that your response time is much better than anyone. Practice enough try not to lose in the battle of reactions with your friends. One just needs to try not to crash into any obstacles and you will be the emerging champion in you group. Sounds Easy like nothing.

Unblock your Responses with “CUBEFIELD UNBLOCKED”Instructions ~ The Cubefield unblocked is simple game nothing fancy. The player needs to control a triangular object throughout the field and have to make sure that it does not crash into any obstacles i.e cubes which come into the way. Your main objective is to survive as long as you can on the field will dodging the upcoming cube. The cubes are arranged in a way no one can predict. At first, you might found a group of nicely & well-organized cubes forming a straight road till the end but only in few seconds, you find yourself surrounded by the numerous random cubes as your enemies. If you crash into any your game is over. You even not get a chance to understand what just happened with you.

Controls ~ Controls are simple and straight. Only arrow keys are required to control the triangular object and move it. But if you think that’s a child play you are surely mistaken.

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