Oct 01

Tank Trouble 2 Multiplayer Tank Mahyem

Tank Trouble 3, the second version in the Tank Trouble family is an arcade tank shooter strategy video game. In this addictive multiplayer game, every player controls a tank and the main goal of the game is to destroy the opponent’s tank by firing projectiles at them. The game is separated into distinct rounds which are played in numerous types of mazes. When you fire a shell, it does have a high chance to hit your too, so you need to be very careful about the positioning. When you fire, the shell may also bounce through the walls and could hit your opponents in its path. You can win more easily if you take advantage of the bounces and position yourself respectively. Several bonuses spawn around the map, which is to be collected by the players grant addition weapons and powers to the player. All of these varieties make this game one of a kind and a very enjoyable one.

Tank Trouble 2 is a multiplayer only game, unlike its predecessor. Therefore there are only two game modes available unlike Tank Trouble 4: the 2 Player and 3 Player.
In 2 Player mode, you are able to play a game of Tank Trouble 3 with a friend of yours on one computer without the need of a separate mouse or keyboard. Each of you is given distinct keys to command your tank around the mazes.
In the 3 Player mode, you can play with two other friends of your on the same computer. As like the previous mode, each of you is given distinct controls.

Tank Trouble 2 Multiplayer Tank MahyemCONTROLS:
2 Player Mode: One of the player uses Q button to shoot projectiles and E, S, D and F to travel inside the mazes. The other player uses the M button to shoot and the directional keys to travel inside the mazes.
3 Player Mode: In this mode two of the players use the same control as the above mode and the last uses the mouse to move around the base and the left mouse buttons to project shells.
This game to be honest reminds me of epic multiplayer fighting game Gun Mayhem 2 unblocked.

Walls are your best friends if taken the right advantage of them.2. Move around the map always, even if you don’t have to. This might save you from shells that were bounced back from the walls.3. The mouse is a bit more efficient than the other two controls, so when playing as three people, try to clutch the mouse before anyone else could grab it.