Dec 12

Play Tank Trouble 4 and Test Your Battling Skills

Tank Trouble 4 is the freshest version of the tank trouble, that comes with new improvements that can allow up to 3 users to play the game at the same time or choose to play it as a single player. You can move on in more advanced levels, by navigating your tank to the desired direction and by aiming the tanks of your opponent as soon as possible. Your mission is to destroy the enemy, otherwise, you can be shot down. Remember also that your enemy as a single player is still the dog called Laika. There are many different weapons available with this game; from simple bullets to amazing bombs, that can actually kill your enemy in one go.

Instructions; Get Ready to Level Up

2 Tank Trouble contains various challenging levels, where you have to guide the tank well through the maze layout to overcome the different challenges easily, just so you know unblocked versions of this game can be found @ the official site. Keep in mind that the layouts get harder as you move to more advanced levels. You should avoid being shot at all costs as this turns to be the end of the game. You have no option rather than playing strategically, with great speed and concentration. The powers of your opponent are trying to destroy you, by sending their powerful tanks. So, you need to be ready to attack all the time. For example, you have to face a number of big explosions and force tanks as you move on more advanced levels in the game. You need to remember also that you have the choice to change the weapons you already have.

Basic Controls of Tank Trouble 4

There are various controls in the game, which you can use them wisely. Different icons appear on the map when playing and you can achieve a number of upgrades when you reach these icons. For instance, if you see certain icons on a specific stage, you can try getting them, in order for your tank to gain more powerful weapons. Moreover, you can try hiding in the corners when your opponent is aiming at you. Don’t forget also that certain maps that host three players differ in size from those of single players in size. Maps hosting more players are larger. Tanks come in a variety of colors; you can choose between green and blue for easy identification when playing against your friends. Remember also that every time you collect your scores, as well as at the very end of the game, you can see on your screen how far you have succeeded.