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Play Happy Wheels Demo Online
Do you love challenging and violent video games? Then Happy Wheels demo is the best online video game for you. It is based on rag-doll physics. It is so exciting that you should be prepared to be super addicted to failing and maiming, blowing and killing the characters. You will have more fun in destroying the characters than succeeding at the game. It has a dark sense of humor.

Although there are basic instructions that are applied throughout the game, every level has its own instructions that change along the game. Basically you have to get through the board to the end of the level why still alive. Use any means to reach in one piece or you will end up as an ugly half body zombie.

In game instructions are provided to give you hints of getting through. You have to meet some goals to proceed to the next level. Often you will discover all the various ways to die just to get through. Good thing you can pick different levels once you have known all the ways to die.

The controls are pretty easy to use and memorize, I also suggest you to check happy wheels demo. To move forward, you use the up arrow and the down arrow to move backwards. The space button lets you jump and you can control your momentum with the up/down arrows while jumping. The Z button allows you to eject from your wheeled craft. This can bring about hilarious results which is an action that you regularly use during the game. The space bar can be substituted by the Ctr and Shift buttons for some levels or can have different functions according to the level.

Happy Wheels 2 has a variety of characters to choose from. The characters are accompanied by some type of wheeled craft unique to every character.

Some of the characters include a wheelchair guy who has a special ability to boost the wheelchair. With a rocket attached to it. There is an odd character, a yuppie segway guy who can jump. An irresponsible dad carrying his son, his special ability is breaking, an effective shopper like those you find around Wal-Mart, a moped couple like those in France, a lawnmower man, Santa Claus with limited flight ability, a pogo-stick man, an irresponsible mom, and a helicopter man with a magnet stuck on the bottom of the chopper.

When playing Happy wheels demo you should be aware of traps, objects that move, and spikes. Levels have puzzles where you need to move boxes, hit levers, find switches, and other actions so you need to keep exploring for actions.

Few words about the creator of the game, his name is Jim Bonacci, all ideas belong to him (including funny map names, funny character designs and things like that). If you want to see more news from him you should definitely follow his blog –

Well guys, without any further words, enjoy this amazing game and have a nice day.

Super Smash Flash 2 characters

Super Smash Flash 2 characters

Super Smash Flash 2 download – All your childhood characters! written by: clockwork_human Super Smash Flash 2 (SSF2) is a online flash fighting game in witch you can choose to play with some of your favorite characters from other games and anime series. In this -magnificent- article, I will help you with all your doubts about the game! SSF2 can be played in two modes: single-player or multiplayer. That being said, let’s go to the controls! – PLAYER ONE: A (Left), S (down), D (right) and W (up) are the controls for movement; O (special attacks and movements), P (common attacks) and I (shield); 1 (taunt). – PLAYER TWO: Arrow keys control movement; Numpad 1 (special attacks and movements), Numpad 2 (common attacks) and Numpad 3 (shield); Numpad 4 (taunt). – TIME MODE: In this mode, every fight will happen in a certain limit of time. The points are scored for KO’s – if you hit one KO you will win one point, and if you get hit… – and at the end of the time the player with more points win. In case of a tie, there will be another round. – STOCK MODE: In this mode, both players have a certain amount of lives, and the loser will be the one that lost all of them first. You will lose a life every time you get hit with a KO or self-destruct.

Here is a list with the 32 known characters and their original games:BLEACH: Ichigo;
BOMBERMAN: Bomberman;
CHIBI-ROBO!: Chibi-Robo;
DONKEY KONG: Donkey Kong;
F-ZERO: Captain Falcon;
GAME & WATCH: Mr. Game & Watch;
KIRBY: Kirby and Meta Knight;
MARIO: Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser;MEGA MAN: Mega Man;
METROID: Samus and Zero Suit Samus;
NARUTO: Naruto;
POKÉMON: Pikachu and Jigglypuff;
SONIC: Sonic and Tails;
TALES: Lloyd;
THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: Link, Zelda and Sheik;
WARIO: Wario;
YOSHI: Yoshi.


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The Stunt Master Play Station Game Review

The Stunt master is a Play Station game created by Radical Entertainment. The game is based on Jackie Chan—the world’s prominent actor and martial artist. In the game, you’ve to see yourself as the “real” Jackie Chan, who has the obligation of fighting his way past hordes of villains in many different locations in New York City.

The Stunt Master Play Station Game ReviewTheme of the game
It’s indeed a funny, great game in which a player sees himself as Jackie Chan. As a player, you’re to help Jackie fight his enemies and accomplish the highest possible performance. The Stunt master is an impressive Action Adventure game that involves killing the enemies and finishing the levels and bosses in a great way. However, if you are into quiz games you should take a look at Guess The Emoji game.

Towards the end of every level, Jackie must confront a boss who, ostensibly, possesses a life bar that is double the total amount of Jackie’s. Nevertheless, he must defeat the boss in order to proceed to another level.

Typically, dragon medals are awarded at every stage. You’ve to collect dozens of dragon medals that will help you unlock a new level. Similarly, there is an alternate costume for Jackie Chan along with a development movie featuring Jackie while performing a motion-picture.

Jackie is not only invisible, but he isn’t a superman as well. It is just similar to any other type of adventure game that requires you to have some kind of power, which helps you when it comes to replenishing energy. The game comprises three approaches to replenish energy:

Rice—rice helps you replenish just a little energy
Milk—milk can replenish energy more than rice
Takeout Box—replenishes virtually the entire health bar

Controls of the game
U – Moving towards the background area
L – Moving to the left
R – Moving to the right
/\- Kick
[] – Punch
X – Jump
D – Moving towards the foreground area
O – Pick up a weapon/Grab enemy/Grab ladder/Throw the weapon
R1 – Dive roll
R2 – Strafe
L1 – Block
L2 – Status display

Instructions of the game
In the course of the Stunt master game, players are often overwhelmed with enemies who attempt to mob them. You shouldn’t worry during this situation because you have a flawless approach to protect yourself. Jackie can utilize different types of weapons, just as he usually does in the actual movie.

Jackie’s weapons include, among many other weaponries, lids, potted sunflower, pool sticks and umbrellas among others. Use a grab button to seize your favorite weapon, and then strike the punch or kick button to wield the weapon.

You may similarly stumble upon red barrels. When hit, there’s a countdown of approximately 2 seconds before it ultimately explodes. Therefore, always make sure you (literally) run away to avoid getting blown or losing your energy reserves, based on your specific health bar.