About us

Today we can say for sure that there is no lack of information, but rather that there is too much information and some of them is pure garbage. In order to become real decent gamer and not some another nab we provide valuable information about gaming, we provide useful guides and ideas which will help you to master all the latest games in no time.
If you believe that you could use such information Mentalelfz.com is here for you, we often update our blog with latest guides and news and we of course provide all the tips and tricks which you can use yourself.

For example check this video above, here you can find some amazing tricks to improve your skills in Dota 2, if thought video is short it has o many useful ideas and all of it can help you to increase your MMR!

With that being said, we are here for you and we would like to help you, we would like to grow our gaming community and together we can achieve new heights in gaming world!